Pastor’s Pie

A Southwest take on shepherd’s pie. A My Lazy Kitchen OG recipe.

Time: 45 Minutes

Serves: 4 – 6


1 lb Ground Beef

12 oz Chorizo, casing removed

2 small cans of black beans, drained

1 onion

Chili powder to taste

Seasoned salt to taste

Olive oil

1/2 to 1 lb fresh green beans (adjust depending on how much you like green beans)

8 oz shredded cheese (I suggest either a Mexican blend or Colby Jack, but use whatever you want)

Mashed potatoes (homemade or store bought)

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Kitchen Essentials

Here’s a checklist of some items I think every kitchen should have if possible. These are all basic kitchen tools and have multiple applications because fuck unitools (I’m looking at you strawberry slicer).

  • A Knife Set: You should really invest in good knives. They make cooking much easier. Get a few good knives (a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a serrated blade) if you can’t get a whole block. If you can only get one, get a good chef’s knife.

Chef’s Knife

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